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Opus 18

Emory University

Rosales Organ Builders, Inc.
Los Angeles, California


When Rosales Organ Builders was invited by Dr. Timothy Albrecht to build this practice organ, Manuel Rosales proposed an instrument whose appearance would be that of a beautiful piece of furniture rather than having a typical pipe façade. His experience with many practice organs was that their sound, due to the small spaces in which they typically were placed, induced ear fatigue to the player. Rather than simply muffle the voicing of the pipes or to bottle up the sound inside a wooden box, however, he developed a design that would allow the clarity and beauty of the pipe sound to be heard clearly.

For the aesthetic appearance of the case, he inivited his long-time colleague and former staff member, Steuart Goodwin. His realization of the tonal criteria along with a lovely classical design, has resulted in an instrument whose appearance and sound are in perfect harmony.



Manual I
8' Chimney Flute
Manual II
8' Spire Flute
8' Bourdon

Casework of White Oak
Carving of the University’s shield by Dennis Rowland
Elm Burl music rack
Bone key naturals and ebony sharps
Maple pedal keys and rosewood sharps

Compass 56/30
Mechanical key action with adjustable key tension
Wind-pressure 70mm
All pipes were made in the Rosales work shop

3 stops
3 ranks, 125 pipes







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